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*Ongoing Project*

Play the latest version of Fantactics, my current project, which features a turn-based tactical combat system. This game is my first go at designing a mobile game as well as designing a game with deeper strategic value.

A story-driven game wherein you find yourself in a strange town among folks who all wear masks. With your unique ability to change your mask, and thus people's perception of you, explore the many responses of the townsfolk who often view you not by the content of your character, but by the masks we wear.

The game I made for my first Ludum Dare: LD29. It's a solo-jam entry for the theme "Beneath the Surface." Earned a gold/silver medal for Theme (Jam / Jam and Compo respectively) and #60 Overall among ~1,000 Jam entries. Written in Java with slick2d. Music made by Wolfram tone generator.

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A slice-of-life visual novel RPG featuring a day in the life of a queer college student. Navigate the challenges of your day via turn-based battles against metaphorical representations of your struggles. Decide how to spend your time to balance your happiness, well-being, and grades. Can you maximize all three?

(Note: the Unity Web Player will probably not work on Google Chrome; try a different browser or download the game)

This is a game I worked on with three friends: Austin, Mina, and Tracy (Twitter accounts linked) in a 6 week workshop for the 2014 Queerness and Games Conference at UC Berkeley! We presented the game at the conference along with the other games from the workshop. Made with Unity2D.

A game concept for an RPG combat mechanic.

I made this to explore ways of controlling an entire party (without AI or preset "tactics") in real-time (without needing to rely on pausing the game). My focus was to play around with different ways of moving your characters, tuning the game's overall speed to allow players enough time to issue series of commands without pausing, and an in-battle dialogue system where you can see your characters interact and respond to the fight.

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A game where knowledge is your weapon. Bored, daydreaming student Caleb explores his notebook, fighting doodles by using his notes on the rule of threes, Doppler Effect, and other tidbits of knowledge.

This is the game I made for Ludum Dare: LD32. It's a solo-jam entry for the theme "An Unconventional Weapon." Earned #69 in the 'Overall' category. Made in Unity2D.

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One of the first games I ever made!

One day you realize that you're already 11 years old and you haven't saved the universe, been invited to a school for magic, or even become a pokemon master yet! And so you go on an adventure--nay, a quest. For a reward! Go forth, and run up this hill while striking down your enemies to a mysterious tune seemingly playing from nowhere in particular! This is a rhythm game, so I HIGHLY recommend having the sound on!

An HTML5 game made during a month-long student game development competition held by Written in Javascript, using the ImpactJS framework.

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A story-driven text-based game I made for my Clinical Psychology course in an attempt to raise awareness and reduce stigma relating to mental disorders, in particular Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. You play from the perspective of someone whose partner suffers from OCD.

This was my first complete Twine game. I used Twine because it was simple and allowed me to finish this project by its deadline.

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