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The Switch Recap, More Dance Teaching, and Balancing a Job - Calvin KirbiKaka

The Switch Recap, More Dance Teaching, and Balancing a Job

The Switch Workshop went really well last weekend! The workshop had some amazing energy, no doubt because the attendees were essentially a self-selected crowd of people who love ambidancing and are passionate about non-gendered dancing. I was really happy with the atmosphere of the event. We (the organizers) got a lot of good feedback and heartfelt "thank yous" for putting on the event. The event-running itself happened to go fairly smoothly, too, largely due to Cari's experience in running many events. I'm super happy with how it went and we're already discussing the possibility of having The Switch in 2018!

Sam and I have been teaching at Wednesday Night Hop recently. We were hired to teach 3 months of the Level 1 classes (July, August, and September), which is an awesome opportunity to work with the same students over multiple months and develop a really cool curriculum! I'm really excited to see how it all turns out. And if you haven't heard of a fairly new venue called Shimmytown, we're going to be teaching some Intermediate / Advanced classes on Mondays in August! One of the classes we're teaching is going to be taught in an Ambi format (meaning that everybody both leads and follows), which is going to an exciting challenge to take on. We're really inspired by The Switch and are excited to try new things that we've learned from teaching ambidancestrous classes in the past and from seeing how classes at The Switch went. Did I mention that we're getting trained to become instructors at the 9:20 Special, too? It's really exciting!

I'm really glad we're doing all this teaching, even though sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. I had always imagined that I would have started working a full-time gig during a lull in my dance instructor career, but my recently-attained job as a technical game designer was kind of an opportunity that I took when it presented itself. Because of that, I've jumped straight into the whole "how do I balance teaching dance multiple nights a week and also not being super tired the next day?" challenge right away. It's been tough at some points, but I'm actually fairly happy with how it's going so far. This month is going to be the busiest I've been in terms of teaching, but hey, if I survived organizing The Switch, then I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it all.

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