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Worth It - Solo Jazz Performance #1 - Calvin KirbiKaka

Worth It - Solo Jazz Performance #1

My friends and I formed a solo jazz group called Worth It, and we just performed our first piece! This group came together when I decided I wanted to choreograph a group solo jazz piece. Since I didn't feel it was necessarily fair to simply ask people if they wanted to learn my choreography, I got this group of friends, all of whom I know have choreographed before, and proposed making a group where we take turns choreographing and learning each other's routines. I choreographed this routine, and someone's already started choreographing the next one!

This group has been so amazing to work with. These folks are all amazing dancers and super patient with me, even when I say things like, "Okay, this is what I want this part to look like; I don't know what the footwork is, but I'm sure you can figure it out yourself." And we wouldn't have been able to learn the whole choreography in just 2 weeks if not for their rigorous attention to detail when I'm stuck, head in the clouds, looking at the overarching flow.

Look out for more of us in the near future!

P.S. For anyone interested in the choreography process:

This choreography was first formulated one day when I was watching hip-hop / urban dance performances and cross-referencing them with my favourite swing performances. Unsatisfied with the differences, I wanted to create a piece that drew elements from some of my favourite non-swing performances. This choreography features multi-person motions (e.g. pushing someone over), "hiding" dancers, (e.g. taking a knee during spotlights), something that I internally called a "rendezvous" (dancers doing different things that suddenly leads to them doing the same [or same-ish] thing e.g. the drum solo section near the end), and some other fun thematic elements that you may sometimes see in swing pieces, but see much more often in non-swing pieces (e.g. misdirection).

Primary references / inspirations:
DWX - Geronimo
Hilty and Bosch - Scream
Pitch Perfect finale

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